I have to confess. Many times, many several years ago, I tried to write a blog.  First you are excited about it, and you actually think of doing  it for the right reasons. Then you think again and you do it for the wrong reasons (money).  Then you stop when you realize there is no way you can make it worth it, unless you do something unique.  It also stopped me the fact that English is not my first language and at the time my English was horrible (still a challenge).  I think my English still sucks, but you know, action beats perfection, and regardless of my grammar and spelling mistakes, I needed to start. So here I am.

I’m a photographer, In my life, I  have been many things, but in my early 30s I discovered that my thing is to tell a story.  You see, I’m well spoken in my own language, so  it was frustrating not to be able to express myself properly in English.  The natural thing was to grab a camera and tell a story with Images.

That little camera I got from my mother in law became the gateway drug into a total obsession about photography. The sky was the limit.

There is a monumental amount stories I can add to who I am and to my past, and the person I want to be.  But for now, I just need to tell you that here I am. I’m alive, trying to stay really alive, to still feel excited about the wind in my face and that I have warm food in my belly.

Today I saw a movie that remind me of Gorky. “Men risk their own life in every decision they make and that’s what makes men free”.

I’m standing on the shoulder of the the great ones before me. The ones who gave the fortune of love.  My fortune of love is so plenty, that I can share on it forever. It will never ends. The love of my wife, my friends, and my family, does nothing more but grow.



  1. Amy K 

    Thanks for sharing your story with the rest of us…it will be fun to have a glimpse into Gerardo…I’m hoping it will give me a new perspective on things…it’s time to mix it up.