2016-01-30 St Augustine Ice PlantI’m sorry if I’m late with my story. A couple of weeks ago, we decided to take life by the horns, it was a Friday night, sitting in a local popular bar after 5pm sipping a grapefruit beer(I know so hipster). By 5:30 We had plans to leave town that night and take our 4 legged kids with us to St Augustine. You see, this is where everything began for us. Is only normal We go back. And of course, there is the best Pizza in America, accompanied by the best Popsicle anybody can have.

We walked the streets, the favorite ones, the new ones, the unknown ones as well. What a metaphor for what was running through our minds at the time. In life We pretty much know what We want. But is like they say, “Everything you ever wanted, is in the other side of your fear”. But We knew it was time for us to tackle some things, it didn’t matter knowing exactly the results. We just knew We needed to start.

I’m not perfect. I have a weakness for those who are kind souls, and I confess I’m horrible with those who are assholes to others. I still remember defending school mates against bullies when I was in high school. So you will understand If I have joy when I find a kind soul in my journeys. To be honest, it happens quite often. I’m a lucky dog.

In my last visit while waiting for a dear friend. We decided to go to the Ice Plant in St Augustine. I had to wait for my friend that was detouring just to have dinner with me. This place is awesome, you have to check it out. Great food and great ambience. But the important thing is that while I was waiting for my friend, Ben the host approached me to talk to me.

Mid 30’s tall guy, skiny and well-groomed. You see photographers are either really nice, or horrible to each other, and most us don’t dare to speak with others because nobody wants to deal with a bad one. Anyways, Ben saw me with my camera, and was brave enough to gamble that I wasn’t one of those assholes photographers. Fair enough. I like Bold. We start a conversation about photography and he mentioned briefly his past endeavours in photography, and how now, is time for him to be back in the game. You can tell he has what it takes. He’ll make it.

I know, because while doing his job, he was joyful, he was kind, He was interested in the human race, in me, a total stranger. He didn’t see me but I manage to make this picture of him, while he was entertaining himself with the music and while he was doing his job. What a wonderful experience to have met Ben. That day, he brought joy into my life.

Thank you Ben, if only people were more brave and kind like you were.

Cheers my friend!


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